Maintinence That's Mentioned Less

Oil chanages, changing your tires and brake pads, and a windshield wiper change. These are the typical things upkeep items on your car that most owners will do, however there are other smaller things that are just as important but tend to be neglected. Although the manufacturers manual typically outlines all maintinence you should do, often times these manuals are left to collect dust. Frequency of changes can also vary depending on usage of your vehicle, highway mile only vehicles see less wear, while vehilces driven less but in constant stop and go traffic will actually see more wear. 

Coolant & Brake Fluid
These are two essential fluids to keep your vehicle running but tend to be left way over the recommended maintinence interval. Brake Fluid overtime will build up sludge, effecting your ability to brake properly and decreasing the tolerance to heat your fluid will have. Worse case scenario the gunk will clog up your ABS system or lines and prevent you from braking properly in an emergency. Brake fluid should be changed on every 2-3 Years after the initial reommcnedaiton factory change. 

Coolant after several years can begin to rust and form up gunk as well, you will see cooling issues once the fluid loses its effectiveness.  
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